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Media in Europe are facing many threats: the impacts of populist movements, international terrorism and anti-terrorism laws; economic pressure and organised crime leading to massive self-censorship; and the dangerous influence exerted by regimes put media workers all over Europe under pressure. 

A single player is not powerful enough to face these challenges – but a strong network is. At the 2nd European Media Freedom Conference we invite you to explore and strengthen media freedom networks, to learn, discuss and actively get involved in delivering practical solutions – with the power of the crowd. 

The 2nd European Media Freedom Conference is taking place at the Media Campus Villa Ida (Leipzig School of Media) of Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig on 6-7 October 2016.

After our inaugural conference in 2015, this year’s focus is on “working together for independent journalism”. The conference wraps up a series of major press freedom events in 2016. Set against the backdrop of newly-elected governments, restrictive media legislation and multifaceted threats to journalists across Europe, the conference provides insight in the current debates on freedom of expression and independent journalism. 

But we want to focus on the good news: Strong networks can deal with such challenges – and even profit from them: Cross-border collaborations can help us to get the best out of our sources and ideas; crowdfunding campaigns protect the economic independence of media outlets; and protective journalism networks can support colleagues under threat. 

Together with you, we want to explore the power of the crowd: 

        • Discuss approaches to independent news making with colleagues from all over Europe

        • Meet international donors face–to-face at our speed-networking event

        • Learn digital self-defense and get free legal advice 

        • Build new cross-border partnerships or renew connections

Speakers and participants from all over Europe and a variety of backgrounds such as media law, academia, independent media outlets and the political sphere will contribute to the discussions, making the conference the "place to be" for an update on press and media freedom this autumn.

You are also invited to take part in the Freedom and Future of the Media Prize ceremony at the Media Foundation Sparkasse Leipzig, where Turkish editors Can Dündar and Erdem Gül are honoured. 

And you can enjoy an exciting programme of documentary films on press freedom themes and a cultural programme that includes the Leipzig Festival of Lights, marking the anniversary of the Peaceful Revlution that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Attending organisations are: ECPMF, Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso (OBC),, Ossigeno per l´ informazione, South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO), Index on Censorship and many others.

Check out the programme and list of speakers, which is constantly updated. The ECPMF-team is looking forward to welcome you in October in Leipzig! 

About the ECPMF

The European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) unites journalists’ associations, publishing houses, academic institutions, trade unions and media rights experts to achieve the application of the European Charter on Freedom of the Press throughout Europe. Founded in 2015, it is registered as European Cooperative Society and headquartered in Leipzig with partners and supporters in 16 countries. The ECPMF provides news, analyses and tools on media freedom issues, coordinates its member organisations' activities and helps individual journalists under threat, for example through a residence programme and petitions.

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European Youth Press

European Youth Press

European Youth Press (EYP) is a network of youth media organisations in Europe. It works to build a society where empowered young media makers are actively participating and contributing to the public sphere by creating fair, independent and responsible media, fostering the development of democracy, international development and a sustainable future.



Mediacoop from France is combatting common clichés in media and gives a voice to those who usually remain unheard: to citizens, to the people, to the real political and social forces. At the same time, they fight for their own occupation and stand up for full independence and fair wages.

Leipzig Glocal

Leipzig Glocal

Leipzig Glocal is a webzine/blog written for a local as well as international audience, featuring arts & culture, literature, travel, cinema, music, food, history & politics, and more. The small team of diverse professionals committed to delivering information they find interesting and which readers may not have access to because they are new to or outside the area, or don’t speak German.



ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL is the contact point in Germany for development policy activities. Since January 1. 2012 we have been bringing initiatives and programmes active in development policy work and dedicated to fair global cooperation together under one roof.

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